Q. How do I get into a life group?
A. The easiest way is to find one and jump in. We have several that are specifically hosted with guests in mind. Try several. It’s perfectly natural to try a group for a couple of weeks and move on to try another one. Your life group can be an important group of people, so you are looking for a place God guides you and where you find chemistry. Or, if you need help finding one, please contact the church office at 423-598-0286 or [email protected].

Q. What if I want to start a group?
A. Contact Sean Hanzelik at 423-598-0286 or [email protected]. The process to start a group is natural and organic. We don’t have a group-in-a-box program. We will help you tailor a group to where you think God is leading.

Q. What’s the life span of an Eastwood group?
A. Some Life Groups have met for years and have no plans to stop. Some groups form around a particular need or study and then disband. Some groups form thinking they’ll meet forever, but the seasons of the members’ lives change and the group dissolves. Groups will expand and contract like breathing. So how long will your group last? Hang on. See what God is up to!

Q. I am aware of a Life Group that meets but isn’t on your list. What’s the Eastwood protocol to join?
A. If you know someone who leads a group, ask if this is a good time for their group to be opened up to new members? Trust the group leader to shoot straight. Sometimes groups go through events and stages that create inopportune times to add members. If you are uncomfortable approaching the group leader, contact Sean Hanzelik at 423-598-0286. He’ll investigate with you.

Still have questions? Drop us an email at [email protected].