Eastwood Church’s greatest desire is for you to learn to and grow in your ability to hear the voice of God in all areas of your life. Stewardship of what He gives you financially is just one of them, albeit a very important one. Approximately 15% of what Jesus talks about in Scripture relates to money and our heart’s alignment to it.

We ask that you fervently pray for God’s direction in your life as it pertains to giving and to then strive to be obedient to whatever God puts on your heart.

Malachi 3 tells us to “…bring the whole tithe into the storehouse.”

In Matthew 23, Jesus talks directly about tithing and how it pertains to attitudes of our hearts. 

How and why we give is important to God. Our desire for you is that your heart is able to connect with His heart in this matter.

If you would like to give online, please CLICK THE BANNER AD below. It will direct you to a secure page, hosted by our E-payment service provider, Vanco Payment Solutions.

If you have any questions, please contact the Church Office at 423-396-2177 or at office@eastwoodchurch.com.